People use the word worship to mean a lot of things.  It can refer to singing or music used to praise God.  It can refer to times of corporate gathering of the church.  It also refers to how we live all of our lives, and what we give ourselves to.  

All three are helpful to know something about when thinking of visiting a new church.  At Trinity we are lead with guitars, drums, piano, and a variety of other instruments in what could be described as a "contemporary style" of music.  This includes singing some of today's best songs along with our own versions of older songs and classic hymns.

As far as corporate worship, we have three identical services Sunday morning at 8:15, 9:30, and 10:50 that all last an hour.  Our dress is casual and every service includes scripture, singing, a sermon, and prayer.  You can watch our services online anytime here.

At Trinity we believe that worship is the ultimate purpose for all of God’s creation. We were made in order to bring glory to God in our lives. Worship encompasses many things including singing, giving, serving, fellowshipping, caring for others, making ourselves available, etc. Certainly our very lives, when given to God, are worship. 


Trinity has multiple teams of vocalists and instruments that lead worship every Sunday.  There are also several teams of tech leaders who lead worship by operating sound, video, lighting, and camera stations.  If you are interested in participating in worship or tech teams please you sign up to serve here.


Trinity is passionate about building up leaders and then sending them out to advance God's Kingdom.  If you are interested in having a formal internship relationship with us please read about our program here.  If you are interested in applying, please contact Andy.