2018-2019 Ministry Teams

Here is an overview of Trinity's ministry teams and who is currently serving on them.  Ministry teams are designed to include staff, a member or members of consistory, and others who call Trinity their church home.  Note: * indicates a current elder or deacon.

Spiritual Development Teams:

  • Worship/Sacraments Team- Exists to help ensure that the sacraments at Trinity are properly administered and overseeing the practical details of communion and baptism.  
    • Worship/Sacraments Team Members- Brian Keepers, Andy Keller, and Renee Guthmiller*.
  • Discipleship Team- Exists to equip and unleash people as disciples who make disciples in the world.  Assessing spiritual needs, casting vision, training, and providing growth opportunities are all part of what this team pursues.
    • Discipleship Team Members - Michael Andres, Adam Boone*, Michael Callagy, Kristyn Howe, Ben Vos, Kristin Brouwer, Rick Scholtens*, and Michelle Christy*. 
      • Children’s Discipleship Team - Rachel Valentine, Stina Howie, Amanda Keller, Melinda Netten, and Rick Scholtens*.
      • Youth Discipleship Team- Ashley Doran, Sara Nessa, Courtney Robyn, Vince Kurtz, andNoah Haverdink.
  • Visitation and Care Team- Exists to care for the aging and sick within our church.
    • Visitation and Care Team Members- Julie Andersen, Sandi Carlson*, Dave and Sandy Harmelink, Dave and Lonna Kluis, Cam Riibe, Stan Vandersall, Art Van Riesen, and Ben Vos.
  • Connection Team- Exists to develop and implement a process that takes guests and connects them by helping them find a place to belong, a place to grow, and a place to serve.
    • Connection Team Members- Andy Keller, Julie Andersen, Ann Korver*, and Jenna Vreugdenhil.
  • Ministry Discernment Team-Exists to guide the leadership selection process with consistory, help match gifts and passions with places of service within the church, and equip individuals and the community for the practice of discernment. 
    • Ministry Discernment Team- Derek Brower*, Michelle Christy*, Barb DeWald*, Kim Jongerius*, and Brian Keepers.

Missional Engagement Teams:

  • Finance Team- Exists to facilitate the oversight of Trinity’s financial resources and help create a culture of generosity and faithful stewardship at Trinity.
    • Finance Team Members - Laurie Kurtz, Jeff Joiner*, Blayne Van Marel*, and Blake Plender*.
  • Hospitality Team- Exists to help implement connection with one another throughout the life of the church.
    • Hospitality Team Members- Julie Andersen, Shonna Hector*, Jackie Davis*
  • Local Needs Team- Exists to support local people and institutions when experiencing times of physical, financial, or other burdens.
    • Local Needs Team Members- John Buntsma*, Mark Scallon*, and Todd Te Grotenhuis*.
  • Missions Team- To connect the people of Trinity to God’s purposes through prayer, planning and promotion of local, national and global opportunities.
    • Missions Team Members - Joan Andres, John Buntsma*, Shay Davis, Michael Simmelink, Tara Woodward, and Kris McDonald*.
  • Facility Management Team (Property Team)- Exists to ensure that the physical condition of the property and its use pursues the purpose of connecting with God, with others, and with the world. 
    • Facility Management Members - Dean Calsbeek*, Scott Simmelink, Lisa Schutt, Brian Hector, Brian Crane, Dave Mars, and Sara Crane.

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