Spiritual Gifts

This last Sunday, Pastor Brian spoke from Ephesians 4 on what it would look like for each of us to serve one another by offering our gifts.  We really do want each part of the body of Christ to be working together to further God's kingdom.  If you know where your gifts are and are looking for a place to serve, you can sign up here for the areas we have a particular need for this fall.

Does this list not include areas where you are gifted, or are you not sure what your spiritual gifts are?  One way Trinity wants to help you discover your gifts is through our First Step and Next Step processes.  Also Sunday August 27th, you can meet with Pastor Bob at 9:50 or 11:00am in Adult Rooms 3-4 for a personalized spiritual gifts and passion assessment.  You can also fill out our spiritual gifts assessment anytime online, here.