Sunday's Coming ~ July 9, 2017

Preaching this week is Pastor Bob De Boer.

This week we continue with our series entitled “Out of Context.”  We will look at passages of Scripture, or areas of the Christian life, that we can take out of context and fail to reflect God’s will and his desire for his people.  Often our error is that we make ourselves the focus of the story or passage that we are reading, rather than seeing God as the focus. 

In Romans 12:13 there are two simple words stated as a command, “Practice hospitality.”  What does this mean?  Do we take this out of context?  Do we obey this command?   Are there obstacles that get in the way from living this as followers of Christ?

Each week we have opportunities in front of us to be hospitable toward one another.  We also have numerous ways that we can be hospitable toward others in our community.  In a couple of weeks Orange City will be hosting the 45th annual Ragbrai event and thousands of people will descend upon our community.  What would it look like for us to practice hospitality in this context?

Join us and we'll dig in together and allow God to help us understand his heart and his command so we can reflect his life with one another and with the opportunities God places in front of us.

WORSHIP TIMES - 9:00 / 10:30 a.m.

  • NURSERY is available for children Infant-Age 3 during all services.
  • CHILDREN & WORSHIP (Ages 4-6)
    • Will not have class this week
    • Class will resume again in the fall
  • CHILDREN'S SUNDAY SCHOOL (Ages 4-5th Grade)
    • Will not have class this week
    • Class will resume again in the fall
    • Will not have class this week
    • Class will resume again in the fall
    • 10:30-11:30 a.m. in Adult Room 4
    • Join us as we study the book of Philippians

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