Haiti Supplies Drive

Blessed to be a blessing.  This is God's call to us, his people.

We have an opportunity between now and June 12th to help our mission partners (UCI) in Haiti. 

A bus has been donated by Unity Christian High School to go down to Haiti, and we will be filling it up with a number of supplies that are needed by the ministry.  Included in these supplies is dental equipment that will be used to begin a new clinic at UCI.

Many of the other needed supplies will assist with the elementary school, the university, and various other ministries UCI is involved in.  Come and take part in this great opportunity to bless our friends and fellow believers in Haiti.

Please look over the list of items needed and consider donating items you are able to help with.  Please have all donations to church by June 12th.  The supplies will be loaded on the bus on June 15th. 

Items we are collecting:  (click HERE for a printable version)

  • Medical equipment-- hospital beds, overhead lights… 
  • Stack-able chairs for the university
  • Foldable tables (not card tables) for the university classrooms
  • Laptops-- used
  • File folders for the school
  • Garden tools—(hoes, rakes, ladders, wheelbarrows…)
  • Carpentry tools
  • Peanut butter
  • School supplies
  • Soccer balls or volleyballs
  • Musical instruments
  • Canned meat and fruits and veggies
  • Gently used clothing (not XL or larger)
  • Shoes (all sizes, especially kids shoes)

Please contact Jeff Joiner at: runningdentist1@hotmail.com / 712-395-0056 with any questions.