72 Hours of Prayer

Please sign up for an hour of prayer at the welcome center at church, or call the church office at 712-737-4542.

Jesus invited His disciples to watch and pray with Him.  You, too, have the opportunity to watch and pray.  Spend a special hour with the Lord (alone or with a few other people) praising and adoring Him, coming clean with Him through confession, giving thanks to Him, and asking Him for things that are on your heart.  

On April 6,7,and 8, Room 1 will be set up with different stations to guide you in an hour of prayer.  If you cannot make it to church between the hours of 8 AM and 8 PM, you may pick up a written prayer guide to help facilitate an hour of prayer at home or wherever you may choose to pray.

  You will be surprised how fast an hour will go as you spend special time with God.