Sunday's Coming ~ September 25, 2016

They say that faith is only as good as the object it is placed in.  So today what is there that is trustworthy?  We’ve all been let down by politicians, technology, and even the people we love at different times.  We’ve learned to be skeptical of what we read on the internet, and no one wants to be gullible.  We’ve even learned that we can’t always trust ourselves.  So what’s left to trust in?

The very first followers of Jesus had these same questions and were searching for something to hold on to.  A person we know as the Apostle Paul wrote two young men living in the city of Ephesus to hold on to what is true.  In his letters to Timothy and Titus he encourages them several times saying, “The saying is trustworthy…” 

He uses that phrase five times to precede a bedrock truth he wants Timothy and Titus to hold fast.  I'm taking the next 5 weeks to look at each of those phrases.  

This week's verse is 1 Timothy 1:15, "The saying is trustworthy and deserving of full acceptance, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, of whom I am the foremost."

This, friends, is the essence of what we call the gospel.  You can take it to the bank.  Jesus came to save you and me from our sins.

WORSHIP TIMES - 8:30 / 9:50 / 11:10 a.m.

  • NURSERY is available for children Infant-Age 3 during all services.
  • CHILDREN & WORSHIP (Ages 4-6)
    • Dismissing from the 8:30 & 11:10 a.m. services
    • Children need to be picked up after the service in the Children's Area
  • CHILDREN'S SUNDAY SCHOOL (Ages 4-5th Grade)
    • 9:50-10:50 a.m. in the Children's Area
    • 9:50-10:50 a.m. in the Youth Room


  • 9:50 a.m. ADULT SUNDAY SCHOOL GUIDE CLASS (Adult Room 1)
    • This class gathers around the table in Room 1 from 9:50-10:30 a.m. Sunday School Guides and lesson outlines are available in the office. We will continue our series on Romans. We will see that the good news of the gospel of salvation is set side by side in Romans with the bad news of eternal death as punishment for those who refuse to believe in Jesus.  All ages are welcome. For a copy of this weeks lesson, click HERE
    • This class starts this Sunday, September 25 from 9:50-10:50 a.m. Come hear and discover stories of how God has equipped ordinary people to grow in faith.  The class will also take time to study God's Word around different avenues God uses to transform us.  All are welcome.  Sharing this week will be Michael Andres.

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