Sunday's Coming ~ May 8, 2016

This week is a very special week!  Yes, our culture celebrates mothers, and we will thank God for our moms.  But it's also special for other reasons: we will meet some new members, we will hear the professions of faith of young people, and we will baptize some new children!  Life is springing up all over the place.  Thanks be to God!

And we get to hear an amazing story of how a woman named Mary was favored by God to be the mother of Jesus.  The story will be performed by Abigail McCubbin, as part of NWC's Drama Ministries Ensemble.  And Elder Michelle Christy will preach the message.  Here's what Michelle wants us to know as we get ready to hear:

In Luke 1 Mary unexpectedly learns she is the favored virgin who will bear the Son of God, Jesus, Messiah, heir to David’s throne and forever kingdom.  God assigns Mary this formidably beautiful task!  We don’t know exactly what all God saw in Mary, but He tells her she is fully favored, filled with grace.  And God grants her signs of this favor.  In response, Mary not fully comprehending, bends her knee humbly, faithfully and bravely to God’s gloriously heavy assignment.  She receives and believes His word speaking these words of surrender back to Him, “Let it be to me according to Your word.” 

 And what of us?  In His favor, what assignment has God given?  How might we see God’s assignment as favor and blessing?  Maybe the assignment God has given seems unfavorable or unbearably heavy?  Where do we need signs of His favor in that assignment?  Friends, could we be like Mary?  When our God drops His assignment and speaks, could we believe we are indeed blessed and highly favored, and bravely bend our knee to say, “Let Your word be unto me.” 

  • There will be no CHILDREN & WORSHIP this week.
    • Classes will resume again in the fall
  • There will be no CHILDREN'S SUNDAY SCHOOL this week.
    • Classes will resume again in the fall.


    • Meet in the Youth Room
  • NWC DRAMA MINISTRIES ENSEMBLE [DME] (Children's Area 3-5 Side)
    • Join us at 9:50 a.m. for a special performance by the NWC Drama Ministries Ensemble.  They will be presenting “Were You There?”  which is a 30 minute Passion narrative of Jesus, performed through song and the scriptures of Isaiah 53:1-9 and Luke 22-24.  The performance will take place in the Children's Area 3-5 Side.
    • This class will gather around the table in Room 1 from 9:50-10:35 a.m. All ages are welcome.  For a copy of this weeks lesson, click HERE.

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