$1 for 1 Update :)

"God has done great things for us; we are glad." (Psalm 126:3)

Yes!  We are Glad!

One of the ways we are celebrating how glad we are for God's goodness is called "$1 for 1."  For five weeks (April 3 to May 1) we are giving $1 for every attender every week as an extra gift to a mission outside ourselves!  Your simple presence will be a gift of gladness, even if you are not able to make any financial gift as an offering.

On April 24, the count was 1006!  Thanks be to God!  This week our deacons took suggestions submitted by our church.  We will be providing the South O'Brien school with money to bless a service project where they will be visiting the elderly in their area. We will be providing money to support the Orange City Daycare, and we will be assisting a family with special medical needs.

On April 17, the count was 955!  Thanks be to God! The simple act of your attendance is providing resources for three ministries related to adoption and foster care: 1) We're providing counseling scholarships to some of the people in our adoptive moms support group, 2) We're providing a meal and resources for a monthly meal ministry to bless adoptive families, and 3) We're giving resources to help with Camp Royal, a ministry that blesses kids in foster families with a camp at Inspiration Hills.  

On April 10, the count was 994!  Thanks be to God!  So, our deacons are giving away $994 to two hunger-related needs: 1) we'll be bringing and extra food basket to 10 families in need through the Orange City Food Pantry, 2) The "Snack Pack" program to feed under-served children in Hospers Elementary, Orange City Elementary, Orange City Christian School, and West Sioux Elementary.  

On April 3, the deacons counted 989 people, so we we are giving $989 to The Bridge Transitional housing ministry!  By God's perfect timing, they just asked for our help in providing a number of items.  So, guess what?  Several people went shopping!  Here is some of what they purchased.  The balance of the gift will simply bless The Bridge with extra resources.  Thanks be to God!

Upcoming weeks:

  • April 17: Adoptive / Foster kids ministry
  • April 24: We are taking your ideas for this week!  To submit an idea, email us at trinity1for1@gmail.com.  
  • May 1: Something that will you surprise you.  Yes, it will really surprise you.