Sunday's Coming ~ May 1, 2016

Our spring worship takes us to five Psalms that paint a picture of God's people finding joy in the middle of all life gives us.  When we take a step back from our relentless pace, we look back to see God's goodness to us.  And he is good!  So good, in fact, that if we gaze at how good he is, we will burst with tears of joy.  And that pause, that kind of joy, gets us ready to live into the future God lays out for us.  

This week we look at one more psalm to finish our series on gladness. It’s Psalm 16, and it’s a psalm about trust. David, who wrote this psalm, seems to have a unique relationship with God - one that's grounded in an unshakable trust. That trust then gives way to joy and gladness because David knows that his portion and his lot in life are secure. Not only does God hold all of David's past, but He also holds all of David's present and future.

It's down right silly, says David, to trust in anyone or anything other than God because nothing else can do what God has done. So as David's trust in God grows, His joy in God grows as well. And that's something we can work on as well. Are you short on joy? Are you having a difficult time finding things in which to be glad? Take a look at the level of trust you have in God. According to David, if your trust increases, so will your joy.

We've planned a number of ways to celebrate the gladness God brings:

  • Glad Cards are at the kiosks again this week and can be filled out with short notes of what we are glad for.  We are filling the wall of the Lobby with our gladness!
  • One for One.  For five weeks, out of our gladness in God, we are giving away $1 for every attender, every week, as an extra gift to a mission outside of ourselves.  Your simple presence will be a gift of gladness!
  • Outdoor Space Finish. Over the next several Saturdays, our Outdoor Space Team invites us to finish eight outside projects that will make our land more welcoming to guests.
  • Glad gifts. We're inviting people to consider a gift of gladness, thanking God for providing this space, that will reduce our mortgage principle so that we’ll have a lower monthly payment when the loan payments are set in September.

"The Lord has done great things for us.  We are glad."  (Psalm 126:3)

Sunday School for All Ages at 9:50a.m.

  • Children and Worship
    • Ages 5-1st Grade (Children's Area)
    • Dismissed during the 8:30 and 11:10 a.m. services.
    • REMINDER: This is the final week of Children & Worship until fall.
  • Ages K-5th Grade (Children's Area)
    • REMINDER: This is the final week of Children's Sunday School until fall.
  • Middle School & High School (Youth Room)
  • Adult Opportunities:
    • Created To Be Related (Fellowship Hall):  This week we continue the topic of: Painful Relationships. "Bear one another's burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ".  What does it look like to bear one another's burdens and to love your neighbor as yourself, the law of Christ?  Is that really any of my business and if it is, am I called to bear "everyone's burdens"?  These are the kind of questions we will answer this week as we continue our discussion on painful relationships.  Join us as we take steps to put into practice this mandate.
    • Sunday School Guide Class: (Adult Room 1): This class will gather around the table in Adult Room 1 from 9:50-10:35. All ages are welcome. For a copy of this weeks lesson, click HERE 

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