Sunday's Coming ~ March 6, 2016

This week we walk with Jesus as he leaves the feast of Passover with his disciples and begins his journey to a Roman cross.  He walks through streets and comes to gardens.  Somewhere along the route he grabs a grape vine and gives us one more example of what it's like to follow him.

Already he has set an example for us: he washed our feet in John 13.  Last week, Jesus painted a picture of our true home in his kingdom: it's like getting ready for a wedding.  This week he takes us deeper and uses a new word to describe the closest possible relationship we can have with him.  

The word is abide. 

What does it mean to abide?  What does abiding do?  How can we abide?  Plan to lean in and abide together as we walk with Jesus.

This weeks worship will also, I sense, cause some to want to kneel in worship and seek God's presence.  I invite you to let your life be carried along by the songs and texts and communion this week.  Listen to those little nudges to pray and bow in the presence of God's glory.  

And, you'll see some empty seats on Sunday.  Hundreds of students, faculty, and staff from our local colleges are heading out on missions.  Let's remember them in prayer.  

Sunday School for All Ages at 9:50a.m.

  • Children and Worship
    • Ages 5-1st Grade (Children's Area)
    • Dismissed during the 8:30 and 11:10 a.m. services.
  • Ages K-5th Grade (Children's Area)
  • Middle School & High School (Youth Room)
  • Adult Opportunities:
    • Questions of Life (Fellowship Hall): This week we will continue a series on “Created To Be Related.”  This week we will have a panel discussion on the topic of marriage. We all know someone who is married.  It may be us.  It may be our friend.  In this session we will look at how we can walk with one another to strengthen marriages.  We will explore how to help people who are struggling in their marriage.  This week a diverse panel will be sharing and answering questions about this topic.  Come out as we learn and grow together.
    • Sunday School Guide Class: Will not meet this winter, but Syl Scorza will prepare “home” outlines and notes each week. These are available on-line, click HERE. 

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