Guest Preacher ~ Rev. Ann Bilbrew ~ Prayer

Ann Bilbrew.jpg

I'm pretty sure you're going to laugh and cry and be deeply moved.  I first met Rev. Ann Bilbrew at a dicsipleship training event in Dallas, along with Pastors Bob and Ben, and elders Michelle and Barb. Ann's contagious love for Jesus, deep spirituality, and spunky prophetic voice encouraged our own journeys in rich ways.  We love her so much, we wanted you to hear her, too.

So spread the word, Rev. Ann will proclaim the gospel in our church on Sunday, February 14, at 8:30, 9:50, and 11:10.  

Ann is the campus pastor for Living Springs Community Church in Riverdale, Illinois.  She also is a social worker for the Cook County court system, helping people to access and leverage available resources for their needs.  She has a particular focus on women and families in crisis and leads a team at Circle Ministry which offers a way out that is empowering, not enabling.  She actively addresses thorny issues of racism and helps churches explore the richness of multi-cultural worship.  

And she is a mom to Brittany and Josh, who have encouraged and supported her to follow God's call in ministry.  

Rev. Bilbrew will also be on Northwestern's campus in the coming week to engage with students, faculty and staff.  

In Christ,

Pastor Jon