Uganda 2016 Summer Mission Opportunity

 Hope Christian High School in Namusaala on the Nile.  

Hope Christian High School in Namusaala on the Nile.  

We're making plans for a June 5 to June 20 mission experience with our partner in Uganda.  Pastor Jon will be leading this group.  Our primary purpose will be to walk with our brothers and sisters as they minister in the name of Jesus in Uganda.  Our partner is Words of Hope Uganda, a radio ministry that broadcasts the Gospel in the "heart language" of tribal areas.  Trinity focuses on follow-up ministry in schools, prisons, hospitals, and the rural community where Rev. Titus Baraka grew up.  Trinity sends a team every other year.  The 2016 team will...

  • Be part of a dedication ceremony for Hope Christian School in Namusaala on the Nile.  This is the only accredited high school among the Bari people, whose ethnic origin is Sudanese and are marginalized in Uganda.  Trinity has helped to build the buildings and provide support for students and teachers.
  • Participate with Bethesda Uganda (Words of Hope follow-up team) in their work in schools, hospitals, and prisons.  
  • Host a retreat for the Bethesda team, sharing life with them, encouraging them, and providing training in areas our team has skills for.  

If you have any interest, please sign up HERE.  Pastor Jon will be in touch with you about more details.  We must have a count by February 29.  

And, here are two other documents that you may find helpful: