Christmas Eve

This week we continue a series on expectations as we look at the shepherds and angels in Luke 2:8-20.

Often we have expectations of how Christmas is going to go!

  • We want the house to look a certain way with the lights and decorations on brilliant display.
  • We hope the meals we share could be highlighted on the cover of a Christmas cooking magazine.
  • We want to give and receive just the right presents.
  • We want our relationships to be good with joy, laughter and no fighting or discord.

But how often does it really go this way?  

We may not have gotten to hanging lights on the house and our decorations just seem a year older.  Aunt Edie's jello salad may have cat hair in it and Uncle Frank may drink just a little too much egg nog.  Our grandchild may like the box the toy comes in more than the toy, and you just hope your college son does not bring up anything political.  That is life.

But could it be that rather than God wanting us to lower our expectations, He instead is trying to raise them?  That He does not want us to look at this season as simply a time where we “made it through it,” but He wants to do something beautiful deep inside each of us?

Our prayer is that each of us will allow God to reveal himself to us this Christmas season and that we will respond in faith and enter into the New Year with greater joy, purpose and strength.

CHRISTMAS EVE WORSHIP TIMES - 2:00 / 3:30 / 5:00 p.m.

  • Nursery available during all services for ages 0-2
  • There will be no Children and Worship

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