Sunday's Coming ~ November 27, 2016

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This week will be my 932nd Sunday as the Senior Pastor of this congregation.  It will also be my last.  Yes, I will be present next week for a farewell, but my title comes to an end on Wednesday of this week.  

While I believe in my heart that God called me to a new role as President of Words of Hope, this good-bye is not easy.  Counting college years, Ann and I have lived in Orange City longer than we have lived any other place.  As much as our beloved Oostburg, This. Is. Home.  Our four children went through every grade of school. Two are still in town.  I even occasionally cheer for the Hawkeyes (when not playing the Badgers, of course).  

Back in 1998, the search committee sent me a packet with these words:  If we look back, we see a medium-sized, family-based church that has prized fellowship among all its members.  Unity was maintained through common experiences.  As we look forward, we see a large, diverse-ministry church that will prize fellowship through vital small groups.  Unity will be maintained through common purposes.  

This vision, that they labored in prayer over, wonderfully seems to be finding it's horizon.  And now, God has more horizons for both of us.  Trinity's new horizon is bright with possibility and responsibility for this region.  I can't wait to see how Trinity's leaders today craft the beginnings of what "next" looks like.  I believe it will be amazing.  

All that brings me to this week's message:  "The Baton is In Your Hands."  Though parts of the message will be different, it is the same title and text (Hebrews 11-12) that launched my ministry here at the beginning of 1999.  The essential truth remains the same: the baton of faith has been passed to you in a long relay race heading into the end of time.  Now, it's your turn.  Run the race that God has set out for you.  It is my hope that this week's message would encourage each person to consider the race God has for them, as well as encourage Trinity to keep running hard in the kingdom.

~Pastor Jon

WORSHIP TIMES - 8:30 / 9:50 / 11:10 a.m.

  • NURSERY is available for children Infant-Age 3 during all services.
  • CHILDREN & WORSHIP (Ages 4-6)
    • Children & Worship will not have class this week.
  • CHILDREN'S SUNDAY SCHOOL (Ages 4-5th Grade)
    • Children's Sunday School will not have class this week.
    • MS & HS Sunday School will not have class this week.


    • This class gathers around the table in Room 1 from 9:50-10:30 a.m. Sunday School Guides and lesson outlines are available in the office. The November studies are from Revelation 21-22, looking at newness, nobility, and nutrition in heaven and nastiness thrown out. All ages are welcome.  For a copy of this weeks lesson, click HERE.
    • This class will not meet this week. Sharing next week is Chris Nachtigall.

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