Sunday's Coming ~ January 24, 2016

We are spending five weeks in Romans 12, focusing on relationships. Our aim in this series is that an honest self-awareness of who we are in Christ compels us to live and love like Jesus for the sake of others.  

In order to love like Jesus, we first have to be know that we are so loved by him.  Last week, Pastor Jon said,  You cannot love like that unless you have been loved like that.  And. You. Have.  And, you can only love like that to the degree that you have experienced love like that.  This love flows from our lives and compels us to love others as we would our own flesh and blood.

This week we look very practically at what this love for one another looks like.  You see, genuine love is not simply a feeling or notion, it is seen and experienced in very real ways.  As Bob Goff’s book says, “LOVE DOES.”  If we love we will serve, we will give, we will offer hospitality and a cup of water to the stranger in our midst.  And in this service we will explore what it looks like to do these things when we do not feel like it, when we do not get acknowledged or when loving is a sacrifice and a struggle.

As a church we do not want to be known for our friendliness, but by our genuine love for one another.  Whether this means people who sit in the pews with us week after week, or in the person we sit in the stands with at a ball game or concert, we want to be people who are known for our genuine, deep and tangible love for others.  This is what will point people to the source of this love—our great Savior and Lord Jesus.

Sunday School for All Ages at 9:50a.m.

  • Children and Worship
    • Ages 5-1st Grade (Children's Area)
    • Dismissed during the 8:30 and 11:10 a.m. services.
  • Ages K-5th Grade (Children's Area)
  • Middle School & High School (Youth Room)
  • Adult Opportunities:
    • Questions of Life (Fellowship Hall): This week we will continue a series on “Created To Be Related.”  This series will parallel the sermons and we will be exploring various common relationship areas (singles, dating, marriage, friendships, parenting...) and the joys and struggles in these. This week we are looking at the DATING relationship.  We will have a panel of people up front who will discuss with us and answer questions on dating such as, “What is the purpose of dating?  What are some of the greatest challenges?  What does dating look like when married?  When you are married for a long time?”  This class will explore relationships that we can grow in no matter what stage of life we are in. 
    • Sunday School Guide Class: Will not meet this winter, but Syl Scorza will prepare “home” outlines and notes each week. These will be available on-line, click HERE. Please sign-up with Syl at: or 737-4335.

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