Sunday's Coming ~ Aug 2, 2015

Prisoners of Hope

Our summer messages focus on a group of short books in the Bible often called “Minor Prophets.”  No words of Scripture are less important; these are called “minor” only in the sense that the books they wrote are short.  

This week, we'll hear from Zechariah. He writes about 500 years before Jesus was born.  God’s people are psychologically spent, spiritually out of sorts, and anxiety fills the air.  Discouragement dogged God’s people.  Into that space God gave Zechariah a message hope.  In fact, God invites his people to no longer see themselves as prisoners stuck in a foreign jail, but instead to become prisoners of hope.  That’s interesting, isn’t it?  What is a “prisoner of hope?”  Join us and we’ll learn together.

We also celebrate communion this week.  We invite worshipers to prepare their hearts for this very special part of worship.  

Next week: Our students will be sharing about God’s work in their ministry this summer.  It’s always an inspirational day of worship.  

We return to 3 worship services on August 23: 8:30 / 9:50 / 11:10. 

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Our Adult Sunday School Opportunities this week are:

  • Sunday School Guide (Adult Room 1)  10:10-10:50 a.m.
    • This week we will be studying Lesson 47.