Sunday's Coming ~ December 6, 2015

As the calendar turns from Thanksgiving, the church begins a season we call “advent.”  The word “Advent” derives from the Latin word adventus, meaning “coming,” which is a translation of the Greek word parousia.  For the first Christians, advent was all about preparing for Jesus to come again - the true second Christmas.

Maybe because Christ’s birth was first celebrated during winter amid darkness, light is one of the key elements used to help us understand what Christ’s coming means.  

And for the 2015 version of advent at Trinity, we will play with the image of light, especially in the Apostle John’s telling of what Christ’s coming is all about.

This week, the words “witness” and dominate the Bible verses in the message.  God sends a man we know as John the Baptist to be a witness about Jesus so that we might believe in Jesus.  

I sometimes wonder if Jesus ever asks when he looks at the church in America, “Church, can I get a witness?”  Are our lives and our words any different than those around us?  I hope so, but I also am aiming for us to become better and better at witnessing to the death and resurrection of Jesus as our only hope.  

Whether you have not yet put your trust in Jesus or have done so a long time ago, I am praying that we discover more of what God is up to in our lives.  

Finally, Sunday evening will be very special.  Our student ministries will be serving a soup and pie supper and we’ll have a wonderful time celebrating where God is leading us as a church in the next year.  We’ll find out who our new elders and deacons are and we’ll hear several people witness to God’s goodness in their lives and the life of the church.  It all starts at 5:00 p.m.

Sunday School for All Ages at 9:50a.m.

  • Children and Worship
    • Ages 5-1st Grade (Children's Area)
    • Dismissed during the 8:30 and 11:10 a.m. services.
  • Ages K-5th Grade (Children's Area)
  • Middle School & High School (Youth Room)
  • Adult Opportunities:
    • Questions of Life (Fellowship Hall): Our next series we are starting this week will be on Mental Health, Spirituality, and Wholeness. Does mental health impact our relationship with God?  Does our relationship with God impact our mental health?  How do areas such as SELF-ESTEEM, FEAR, ANXIETY, APATHY, DEPRESSION, and ANGER impact our life with God? We all have challenges to our emotional well-being, and we know we could do better.  Join us as we think together about how our relationships with God and each other interact with our mental and emotional health.  Sally Edman will be facilitating this December series.
    • Sunday School Guide Class: Will not meet this winter, but Syl Scorza will prepare “home” outlines and notes each week. These will be available on-line. Please sign-up with Syl at: or 737-4335.

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