Monday's Here

MONDAY'S HERE One of the probing questions surfaced in yesterday's message on Amos 1 and 2.

  • When the gaze of God falls on your heart, what does he see?

It was (and is) a hard question.  We looked at how none of us can escape God's gaze.  And yet he makes an amazing invitation - that if we will seek him we will live.

Another helpful quote came from singer Mark Lowry.  It was a tweak on an older saying: "Love the sinner, hate my sin."

There is a YouTube clip where Mark shares more that story.  You can see it below: [youtube]

In case you missed Sunday's service, click HERE to watch the service.

If the message of Amos shows us God's view of our present condition, next week's message from Zephaniah will show us God's view of our future condition and is unblushing delight in us.  It's only 3 chapters - read & enjoy it this week.


Kaden Arrrmor of GodOn Sunday we learned the meaning of faith and how and how faith helps us to live a righteous life. We added the breastplate of righteousness to our helmet of salvation.  Kaden is our Arrrrmor of God model!

Click HERE for a link to this weeks Gospel Project Family Journal Page.


The Senior Ladies Bible Study will meet this Thursday, June 18, at 2:00 p.m.  We will be meeting Adult Room 2.


Who knew pantyhoes were so much fun?

The Ignite Middle School Lock-in was a lot of fun Friday night.  Here are some photos from their event.