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church"This place has been wonderful..." A graduating college senior lingered long after worship on Sunday and shared this picture and post on his Facebook wall yesterday afternoon.

Thanks be to God for this precious reminder of the impact God's Spirit is having on people.  Thank you for being the kind of congregation where students are welcomed and given a foundation of church before leaving college.

Worship, too, was inspiring and helpful.  If you missed, or simply want to revisit, click HERE.


Yesterday in The Gospel Project for Kids, your kids heard one amazing story of a talking animal. God actually gave an animal, a donkey, the ability to speak for a brief moment in order to make a point to one impromptu prophet. Balaam was hired by the king to pronounce a curse on the Israelites. Balaam headed out but his donkey kept running him into walls and crevices. After beating the donkey, Balaam heard the donkey speak. Shortly thereafter Balaam learned that he had no choice but to say what God wanted him to say and nothing else. After repeatedly blessing the Israelites instead of cursing them, Balaam lost favor with the king.

Who protected God’s people? God always protects His people. Fourteen hundred years after Balaam predicted Jesus’ birth, wise men from the east came to visit the boy Jesus.

Click HERE for a link to this weeks Gospel Project Family Journal Page.


  • 6:30 p.m. – Ignite Middle School Youth Group
  • 8:00 p.m. – Collide High School Youth Group


Tulip Festival Burger FeedOn Wednesday, May 13, we will again be blessing the carnival workers with a burger feed at the downtown Windmill Park at noon.  We are in need of several volunteers to provide bars and cookies, as well as workers to help setup/cleanup, grill, serve, and converse with the guests. Please sign-up online, click HERE, or call or email the church at 737-4542 /


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GForceVBS promo from Trinity Reformed Church on Vimeo.

Gforce Summer Kids Adventure 2015Have you signed-up your children and volunteered to help yet?

For more information to find out more about this years VBS Summer Kids Adventure, click HERE.