Sunday's Coming ~ April 26, 2015

RAINBOW CLUB CELEBRATION NIGHT Thank you for everyone who helped make our final Rainbow Club night a wonderful celebration.  Here are a few photos from the night.


TCE2tallThis week we will talk about our new role as children of God. Because our identity is in Christ and we are a new creation, we now have a new trajectory and a new purpose. We'll look at various places in scripture that talk about what the children of God do. 1 John 3 is a great place to look for what it means to be a child of God and for what it is, exactly, that God wants us to do in this life.

Because we are God's kids, we have specific assignments and roles to play in making His kingdom a reality here on earth. Last week's service was about a new start; today is about a new story - one that God has been writing for us since before time began and one that we should be humbled to play a part in.

And all of this identity and purpose talk is because of the resurrection. That single event in human history makes all the difference in the world! Because of the resurrection, we have a new start and a new story. May this weeks service be to you a page in the new story God has for you.


This Sunday, April 26-May 10 we will be having three Worship Services each Sunday.  Starting times will be 8:30am, 9:50am, and 11:10am.  Sunday School for all ages will be during the 9:50am service. Children & Worship will be dismissed during the 8:30am and 11:10am services.

Our Adult Sunday School Opportunities this week are:

  • Questions of Life (Fellowship Hall)
    • This weeks topic: What is the roll and place of suffering in our lives? Facilitators Laird Edman and Michael Andres.
  • Sunday School Guide (Adult Room 1)

Going to be gone? You can worship with us live on our Webcast – click HERE

You can also view past services in their entirety – click HERE


Gforce Summer Kids Adventure 2015Have you signed-up your children and volunteered to help yet?

For more information to find out more about this years VBS Summer Kids Adventure, click HERE.