Haiti Team Update

HAITI TEAM UPDATE Thank you for your continued prayers for the team that departed for Haiti on Sunday morning to work with the university there.  Below is a short report from the team.

 Trinity Church,

We traveled with no problems and arrived in time to have dinner with the Mompremier family and plan for today.  Today, we met with 12-15 leaders and did introductions, sessions on holistic development, Biblical relationships (one another's) and programming.  We think it went well-though we are sometimes adapting as we go.  People are so gracious and encouraging.  It is a blessing to be here and our prayer is that we might be an encouragement to them- they certainly are an inspiration to us.  We are so grateful to Trinity and to NWC for sending us.  Tomorrow we'll do more sessions with leaders on helping skills, stress, discipline, etc.  Wednesday, we'll be doing large group programs with the university students.  We are enjoying the warmth of the people and of the sun.  May God be glorified in it. 


Barb Dewald

Other team members:  Allysum Anderson, Joan Andres, Sally Edman, Patrick Hummel