Sunday's Coming ~ January 4

SUNDAY'S COMING Boost Your Signal Final Horz LOWIf you are like me, chances are you really, really want a deeper, more meaningful walk with God. But often God's Word seems so overwhelming to know where to begin, God's voice seems faint in the cacophony of noise in our lives, and God's way seems as veiled as a fog-shrouded mountain pass.

Like adding tinfoil to a cell phone antenna, we try just about anything to boost our signal in order to pick up what we think God is trying to say.  At the same time, God is speaking.  But our signal has grown weak, our bandwidth maxed out, our data plan tapped.

In January, Pastor Bob and I will be sharing messages that offer some very practical counsel that will reconnect us with basic Christ-following practices.  We'll provide some basic tools for feeding on Scripture, for speaking with our heavenly Father, and living in daily obedience to the Holy Spirit's prompting.

Join us Sundays at 8:45 and 11:00 a.m., in person or online.

On January 4 I'll launch the series with what I've come to see as the "Grand Canyon" of God's love in Ephesians 3:14-21.  The Apostle Paul will take us to the edge of the incredible heigh and depth and breadth and width of God's love for us in Jesus.
And... we'll welcome our new elders and deacons.
And... we'll celebrate communion.  One new experience in communion for 2015 that we'll introduce today is the use of "The Great Thanksgiving Prayer."  This prayer is used in many Reformed congregations to help worshipers understand and respond to the act of receiving communion.  The prayer is prayed mostly by the one leading communion but invites the worshipers to respond with great joy at a few places.  Get ready to lend your voice today!


Following Jesus with you,

Pastor Jon

Children and Youth Sunday School and Children and Worship will not be meeting this week, but there will be nursery.

Our Adult Sunday School Opportunity this week is:

  • Sunday School Guide (Adult Room 1)

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THANKS BE TO GOD for the offerings of God's people!  By God's grace and your generosity, our December gifts will cover our year-end expenses, make an extra payment of principle on our loan, and be an increased blessing to mission and benevolent needs.  At the deacons' meeting  on January 5, our 2015 leaders will be discerning how best to steward these blessings.


Jared Weber is recovering from back surgery.

Dorothy Weiss is in Room 212 at Happy Siesta Care Facility in Remsen.

Ray Weiss is in Mercy Hospital, recovering from an infection.