Monday's Here

MONDAY'S HERE EmpoweredWhat a precious day of communion, worship, and global connections!  Thank you, Chuck Van Engen, for bringing God's Word to us - "The God who Seeks and Finds."

If you missed it, you can always catch a replay on our Livestream site by CLICKING HERE.


lifetouch-webTHIS WEEK Wednesday through Saturday the first session of our Church Photo Directory photography appointments start.

A few of the dates are full, or almost full, but there are still several times and dates of availability yet throughout the sessions, so if you haven't already made your appointment, please do so soon!  You can sign up quickly and easily online - see the link below.  Or you can call the church office at 737-4542 and Sara or Laurie can help get you get signed-up as well.  We would love to have you and your family included in our new directory!

Click HERE to sign-up online.   Click HERE for more details.

You will also get an automated reminder call the week of your appointment.


Summer Kids Adventure had a great first morning and the building was full of energy, laughter, singing, and children worshiping this morning!  Here are a few pictures.