Sunday's Coming ~ June 29

Neighborhood Block Parties Neighborhood Block Parties are this week Saturday, June 28.  Please pray for the relationships that will occur at these events.  If you would still like to host, please contact the church office before noon today for information and invitations.  This year, our block parties are truly "community" events, with New Hope E-Free and American Reformed joining with us to bless our neighborhoods.

Sunday's Coming

WorkAndWorshipWe get it - God created us for good work in the Garden of Eden.  Human sin screwed it all up and introduced toil to work that was supposed to be worshipful.

But... how do we work in a fallen world, knowing that Jesus redeemed us and one day will come again and bring a new heavens and new earth?

Or, to be more practical, how can I work with God when my boss is a pain and the cubicle culture around me is toxic?

This week, our series begins to tackle some of the basic issues we deal with while we work as "agents of redemption" in a "broken and lost world."  We'll walk with Jesus and learn something from what he says about his own work in John 5:1-24.

unnamedAnd we will be in for a treat as Andy leads us with some classic 80's praise and worship songs!

Summer Worship Schedule

  • We have one service starting at 10:00 a.m.
  • We have Summer Sunday School for children ages 5 – entering Grade 2.  They will be dismissed during the worship service and you can pick them back up at 11:15 a.m.
  • For Adult Opportunities, the Sunday School Guide class is meeting at 9:00 a.m.  The Work and Worship Class also meets at 9:00 a.m. and will further explore this topic as class members flesh out what “Work and Worship” means in our daily lives.
  • Gone?  You can worship with us live at our Webcast -
    • CLICK HERE for the live webcast of this week’s service.
    • CLICK HERE to see archived worship services.

Rocky Mountain High Meeting

The second Rocky Mountain High team meeting is this Sunday night at 8:30 p.m. in the Youth Room.  All students and adults attending this trip please plan on being at this important meeting.  The last meeting will be on July 13th.

Urban Plunge Departs

The Ignite Middle School Youth Group departed Wednesday afternoon on their Urban Plunge Mission Trip to Sioux Falls.  They will be gone through Sunday. Please keep Ben, Jon, and all the adults and students who are gone in your prayers.  Team members include: Marissa Beaty, Avery Calsbeek, Brook Dau, Ashley Doran, Jon Eveland, Carter Heemstra, Zoe Heemstra, Jayden Hiemstra, Kaitlyn Hulstein, Elizabeth Korver, Norelia Martinez, William Minnick, Elijah Raines, Jadeyn Schutt, Roman Stokes, Jakob Van Der Werff, Pete Van Peursem, Phyllis Van Peursem, Tori Van Ravenswaay, Mitchel Van Regenmorter, Jadeyn Veltkamp, Ben Vos, and Ashley Wright.