How is God moving in your life?  What are you being called to do to reach your community for the Kingdom of God?  We believe that the Holy Spirit calls and guides the redeemed into radical life transformation for the sake of others.  In this way we want to come along side the people of our church and aid and assist them in what God is calling them to do.  

What Are Spirit Led Ministries?

Spirit led ministries are ministries that are birthed through a season of prayer in the members of our church and carried out by those members.  They are NOT programs that you want the church to do, but they are events, programs, or relationships that YOU feel called to by the Holy Spirit.  Our goal as a church is to empower its people to carry out the ministries that God has called them to.

How Do I Start a Spirit Led Ministry?

Starting a Spirit led ministry begins with prayer.  Next, the person or group comes and shares their vision with a small team of deacons.  Deacons will help in the discerning process making sure that this fits with Trinity's mission and values by asking:

  • How is the Spirit leading?
  • How does this ministry fit into the mission and values of Trinity?
  • Is it within Trinity family, community, region, etc.?
  • What is the timing of the ministry/mission (month, day, time, etc.)
  • Is this a one-time event, annual event, or ongoing ministry?
  • Who/how many are on the planning/leadership team?
  • Who/how many folks would be served?
  • Are funds needed?  How much?
  • What type/how much staff time is needed?

Spirit led ministries will need to align with Trinity's beliefs and comply with our facility use policy.  If you are ready to contact Trinity's deacons submit the information below or call the church office at 712.737.4542

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