Nominate Leaders

All Trinity members are encouraged to participate in the nomination process.  You may nominate leaders using the paper nomination form available at the welcome center or through our online form HERE.

Leader Selection Process

Trinity's process for selecting leaders begins with the congregation nominating those they believe will lead well.  All those nominated will enter a discernment process with the ministry discernment team where together they will see if and where they can best lead.  The ministry discernment team will then assemble a slate of new consistory members for the congregation to vote to approve or decline.

More information is available HERE

Why do we use this leadership selection process and structure?

Here are three key convictions guiding us:

  1. Gift-based, passion-driven ministry is one of our core values for every member of the church.  If we want our congregation to be serving in their areas of giftedness and passions, then it is essential that we--as elders, deacons and staff--lead the way by serving in our own areas of giftedness and passions.

  2. The primary role of leaders is not to do all the ministry themselves but to “equip the saints for the work of ministry” (Eph. 4:12).  The task of leadership is to empower and mobilize God’s people for ministry and mission.

  3. In order to effectively lead a church our size, we need more people leading in specific areas of ministry and fewer people responsible for the governance of the church.

More information is available HERE.

What Changes have Been Made To our Process?

New ministry teams will form, comprised of staff, consistory, and others who call Trinity their church home that focus on a specific area of ministry (i.e. hospitality, discipleship, finance, etc.).  

Rather than monthly consistory meetings, full consistory will meet 3 to 4 times a year.  They will then be “freed up” to meet regularly with their teams and focus their work in their areas of giftedness and passion.

The responsibility of governance, accountability and support of the staff and church will be with the Leadership Team, rather than the wider consistory.  

More information is available HERE.