Rooted - Rooted is a simple, proven method to build disciples.  Rooted is a 10 week small group experience that will be reinforced by Trinity's Sunday morning worship focus.  Participants will be asked to join a group, engage in daily readings and share within their group what God is showing them.  For more information and to sign up, click HERE.


Alpha - Alpha is a 10-week class that gives a chance to explore and ask crucial questions about faith and life.  We also offer this class in Spanish.

Next Steps - Are you looking to experience community with others?  Do you want to take the step toward joining Trinity?  Whether you want one, or both of these things, Next Step is a six week journey. 

Small Groups - Small groups exist to help foster the close relationships God desires for all people to grow in faith.  Many small groups at Trinity meet the 2nd and 4th Sunday’s of the month in different homes, but there is flexibility to meet at different times or places or meet more often based on the direction of the particular group.  See our groups and sign up here.

Sunday School

Spiritual Workout Class - Would you like to explore ways to grow in 4 crucial areas from Rooted?  Come and get instruction and tools to learn to pray, read Scripture, witness and grow in stewardship.  You will leave each class with a personal plan for how you can take the next step in your walk with Christ in these areas.  This class meets Sunday mornings at 9:50am.

Sunday School Guide This material takes participants through a particular Bible passage using the International Sunday School guide lesson plan. Click HERE to download this week's lesson.

Go Groups - Jesus calls his followers to go and make disciples.  Often we want to do this but do not know how.  Go Groups offer an amazingly simple way to study Scripture that creates disciples. Go Group materials are found here.

Vantage Point 3 - Jesus showed us the best way to learn about being His disciples was to pull together a small group of people who covenant to journey with one another as they pondered some deep questions...Who is God? Who am I? What does God want to do through me? During such journeys something amazing happens –lives are transformed. We are not currently offering a V.P.3 class, but will be again at a future date.

Women's Ministry -Our Women’s Ministry has numerous activities planned to connect with other women of varying ages. There are also Bible Studies offered during the week. For more information, click HERE.  

Men’s Ministry-Numerous men’s groups meet during the week to grow together with other men in their walk with Christ. Different activities and service projects are also a part of this ministry.  More information is HERE.

Bible-Reading Plan- We have an entire blog devoted to a 4-year plan, with study questions, to take people through the entire Bible, 1 chapter at a time. To view the reading plan, click HERE.

To find a place to grow please register here.